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A Holistic Approach to Mental Health & Wellness

We go above and beyond to make you feel heard, supported and valued. We don't just talk about mental health—we live it.

At AREMAS we believe that mental health should be a priority for everyone!

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A great life starts with a strong mind and a strong body.


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Aremas came into existence to help people to take action and change the world. We want to provide a platform where people can not only share their stories and innermost thoughts but also seek help without any hesitation and judgment- on an individual and community level.


Building A Relationship With Your Therapist

This is the time to build a rapport with the therapist. You’ll begin to understand how the therapist is trying to help you help yourself. During this time therapists will try to validate your’ experiences, truths and struggles. This builds trust and safety. Sometimes this phase offers a small reduction in symptoms.


We are here to help you find the Answers!

Gift a session to your loved ones!

Wellness Challenges


Concern oneself and join our carefully curated challenges.

Concentrates on improving emotional, social, physical and mental well-being.

Concrete and approachable health tasks.

Created by Counsellors.

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