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About Us

The name AREMAS originates from the word ARIMA, a Greek word meaning soul


Everyone needs a soul friend - a friend with whom you can share your innermost self, heart, and mind. It is a relationship where you are understood as you are without any mask or boundaries. They are your home; you are safe and protected with them. 

Aremas came into conceptualisation when a few Psychology students wanted to take initiative and make a change in the world, especially in people's hearts and minds. Our aim is to provide relief to those who seek it through holistic measures geared towards individuals with a person-centric approach. We want to provide a platform where people can not only share their stories and innermost thoughts but also seek help without any hesitation and judgment- on an individual and community level. 

Our Approach

Our vision is to remove the stigma that comes along with mental health. By changing our attitude towards health, we can change our lives and those around us.


We know that seeking out therapy can be stressful or even scary, but we want you to know that seeking help is an act of strength — and we’re so proud of you for taking this step.

At AREMAS we believe that all parts of human beings; physical and non-physical, are deeply interconnected and in constant communication.  We have adopted the Holistic Approach which allows us to put the client at the centre and not the diagnosis. 

The holistic Approach focuses on physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual well being. When we treat our bodies as a whole, we are able to see more complete progress. 


The holistic approach is a combination of Traditional Talk Therapy (psychotherapy) and Non-Traditional Therapy. We believe that it is important to include Eastern Cultural Approach to well-being as it blurs the boundaries between the body (matter) and mind (spirit). 

Our Team


Himani Sahni

Founder & CEO | B.A Applied Psychology, M.A. Clinical Psychology | Available for all Therapy & General AREMAS related enquiries.

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Apurva Gupta

Head of Marketing | B.A Applied Psychology, M.A. Screen Arts | Available for all Marketing, Events, Collaboration related enquiries.

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 Reva  Choudhary

Founding Member | B.A Applied Psychology, M.A. Clinical Psychology | Available for all Therapy

related enquiries.


Sarthak Dixit

Certified Yoga Instructor | Available for all Non-Traditional Therapy: Yoga & Mediation- related Enquiries.

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