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Join the 30 days Photography Challenge! It has been found that taking photographs helps us to express ourselves, focus on positive life experiences, enhances your self-worth, and even reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Therapeutic photography involves taking, analyzing and using photos for the purpose of personal healing, growth, or understanding, whether done consciously or unconsciously. What the mind focuses on is what your body subsequently feels. If we imagine or look at photos of stressed people, we will feel stress at some level. And if focused on enough and repeated often enough, these feelings can become an almost permanent state of being. Which is why it’s important to focus on positive images, of nature, or of anything else that evokes positive feelings within you. This simultaneously reduces stress, while increasing positive feelings of calm, peace, love, compassion, connection, etc. In this challenge, you would have to click a photo according to the task and then share it with us. Before you start with the challenge, please download our app. Click on the challenge and download the app.

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