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Couples Counselling

To engage couples in fostering a deep understanding and communication with one another.  To guide couples away from unhelpful patterns that create discord and mistrust and highlight areas of connectedness to restore relational intimacy.


Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help you and your partner improve your relationship. If you are having relationship difficulties, you can seek couples therapy to help rebuild your relationship.Some forms of this therapy include marriage counsellingpremarital counselling, and family therapy. It is typically a short-term form of therapy.


Getting to know you: The counsellor creates a sense of safety by getting to know you and your partner. They work actively and collaboratively with you to help you understand yourself and your partner. 


Identifying feelings: The counsellor helps you and your partner identify feelings and put them into words to one another.


Exploring the past: Couples counselling can involve exploring your past since that can help you better understand your fears, motivations, and behaviours in a relationship. It can also help address unresolved conflicts that affect your present.


Focusing on solutions: Your counsellor will work with you and your partner to resolve issues, correct negative behaviour patterns, and focus on positive aspects of the relationship. 


Teaching skills: Couples counselling can help teach you and your partner anger managementproblem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. The aim is to equip you and your partner with tools to help you deal with issues as they crop up.

Reasons to seek counselling

  • Improves communication 

  • Creates a safe space 

  • Builds understanding and empathy in your relationship 

  • Helps you resolve conflicts 

  • Helps you work through life's challenges 

  • Provides you with a sounding board

How does it help?

  • Roles in relationship 

  • Beliefs and values

  • Finances 

  • Time spent together 

  • Children 

  • Familial Relationships

  • Sex and intimacy 

  • Health issues

  • External factors: Therapy can also help you and your partner deal with conflicts caused by external factors, like work for instance, that can put stress on your relationship.

Goals of couple counselling

  • Restoring affection

  • Building respect 

  • Increasing intimacy 

  • Rebuilding trust 


  • Understand each other better

  • Identify relationship issues

  • Improve communication skills

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Strengthen friendship and attachment

  • Terminate dysfunctional behavior

  • Learn skills

  • Improve relationship satisfaction

Therapeutic Packages
More sessions for Less price!

1 session plan

Rs. 1200/- 

valid for one month

  • Number of sessions: 01

  • Duration of each session: 60 mins

Start your journey!

6 session plan

Rs. 6000/- 

valid for one month

  • Number of sessions: 06

  • Duration of each session: 60 mins

  • Avail 10% Discount Code: LETS TALK


10 session plan 

Rs. 9000/- 

valid for one month

  • Number of sessions: 10

  • Duration of each session: 60 mins

  • Avail 10% Discount Code: LETS TALK

Reflect & Rekindle

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