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After you've decided to start having sex, have had it for the first time, or are planning to have it you’re probably feeling very happy and a lot is going on in your head. One of those many things or questions could be – whether you are going to experience changes and if there are going to be then what are they? Well, there aren’t any definite answers for how you are going to feel emotional but there are answers for how your body is going to change physically. The physical changes take place mainly in the female with the male not experiencing any change after sex. Following are some of how your body might experience changes:

1. Breasts become firmer

After you do it for the first time, they might hurt a little. But it's nothing to worry about. A few days on, you'll start noticing a visible change in your breast size and its firmness. The size will fluctuate with your arousal. But when the sex is over, and you are no longer aroused, this change won't persist. Instead, the nipples and breasts will go back to their normal size. However, breast size keeps fluctuating through seasons and according to age.

2. Your nipples become more sensitive

Your nipples are an essential part of the many erogenous zones in your body. After sex, like every other part of your body, your nipples tingle more than usual. Even when the breast size returns to normal it’s different with nipples because they have been reprogramed to become more sensitive in general. A man’s nipples also become erect during sex but return to their normal state when the body has cooled down.

3. Happy Hormones are in abundance

Sex releases all our happy hormones - serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. All these hormones are released in our bodies before, during, and after sex. They flood our brains, make us feel light, stress-free, comfortable, and kinda in love with ourselves. You may feel strangely cheerful after you've started having sex, at least in the immediate afterglow. Feelings of attachment can also be increased with your partner post-sex.

4. Your vagina learns to expand and contract, including your clitoris and uterus.

Before having sex, your organs are pretty inactive and inexperienced. But after it, they do learn a trick or two of their own. Before and during sex, your clitoris swells up and your uterus rises in response to your partner. And it learns to do this every time you're aroused and during intercourse. And after the sexual intercourse ends they return to normal.

5. Your vaginal elasticity changes as well

By elasticity, it doesn’t mean that the more sex you have the looser your vagina becomes. It just means that during and after your first time, your vagina learns a neat trick of letting 'it' in. So all the tales that make vagina looser in correspondence to the number of men/women one has slept with, has nothing to do with it at all. There are only two things that can make your vagina 'looser' and that is, natural childbirth and age.

6. The way your vagina lubricates changes

The wetness you feel down there feels different when you start having sex. Before you did the deed, your vagina was lubricating in stealth mode only to keep itself healthy and you barely even noticed it happening. But after having sex, you'll notice it every time. However, this lubrication will change depending on other factors such as menstrual cycle, overall health, diet, etc.

7. Your body starts retaining more water

This does not happen with everyone, so blaming sex for suddenly putting on a few pounds isn’t fair. However, some women do experience a significant weight gain after their first time. Your happy hormones have a lot to do with it, along with many more factors such as age.

Apart from these, there are some immediate reactions like a flushed face, feeling tired or sleepy (especially men). You could also be feeling sore and there could also be some funky smell coming from down there. And these are normal body reactions to sex. Even after countless years of having sex, your body does and will continue to change shape and size. The change will vary from people to people/body to body. Also, these physical changes are more about women since the male body hardly faces physical changes after sex. He may be feeling a bit tired and that’s all.

But an important thing to understand (for both men and women) is that the sex is not going to be stagnant and will not always feel the same. All you need to do is take care of yourself, be happy, give yourself time, and enjoy your moments.

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