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The 'me' that I was

Stares back to the 'me' I am today

Wordlessly filled with respect

The 'me' that I am

Looks at the 'me' of yesterday

Staring with great admiration.

I used to believe falling will shatter me

I used to believe losing people will weaken me

I used to believe society will never accept me

I used to believe my insecurities will cripple me

All I really needed to believe in was myself.

The 'me' a year ago is still me

The 'me' of that time shattered to the ground in order to give birth to the 'me' of today

The 'me' of that time is the reason the 'me' of today is smiling.

The 'me' of that time is the reason the 'me' of this day is strong.

So, what is love?

Is it falling for a person?

And breaking

And then repeating the cycle

Or is it falling for that me

Who helped me from not breaking

Love is just a four-letter word

With many complexities

Which demands respect only

From me

Because the yesterday’s 'me' is still me.

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