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Wounds do cause pain yet not as much as heartaches,

It pains when they undress me with their eyes but more than that physically.

It pains when our voice inside wants to yell yet most of the time are forced to stay silent,

It pains when we want to dream and yet are not allowed to.

It pains when we want to cry yet resist tearless cries,

It pains when we search for someone to trust yet all we can see nearby is hatred.

It pains when they say pain demands to be felt yet can't be expressed,

It pains silently inside when someone departs yet that void remains forever as a mark...

Author's Notes:

It hurts silently, pains unknowingly but the fact of life is 'Pain demands to be felt'-John Green. Pain isn't just physical, it's more than that and it is not restricted to a gender or a person even animals have a feeling they do cry but what is most difficult is tearless cries, a situation in which you want to cry, yell,or talk to someone yet can't but it's important to let go to survive today we all live in an era where real-time face to face physical communication is becoming obsolete, which is replaced with chats, video calls so to live and survive a meaningful life talking to someone, understanding their tears when they can't become more important, being there for someone is more important than being with someone to share there lives with you.

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