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For an Introvert

It has always been assumed that people with an introvert personality aren't capable of being social or outgoing. But that’s simply not true. We are perfectly capable of being outgoing and social, especially on social media.

For an introvert, social media is like an infinite treasure chest. You can learn so much there. You can gather information on pretty much any subject and you can also observe human behavior. You can get news and opinions at any hour of the day. Watching tweets stream by, viewing Instagram pictures, reading Facebook updates, watching YouTube videos… we feel like we’re part of the world. It makes you feel engaged with people without actually having to engage with them.

Introverts struggle with group conversations. Social interaction can be tiresome for introverts who sometimes feel overwhelmed when they must engage a few, or many, people. We need lots of time to process our thoughts and produce an answer. We struggle with finding the right moment to insert our comments. And even if we do know how to produce it we aren’t sure whether we should or shouldn’t. Introverts are often quite private and reserved. I think it would be fun to talk to someone about the things I’m interested in, but it’s difficult to initiate those conversations. Not impossible, of course, but difficult because I’m awkward in conversations. And even more awkward with people I barely know. This is where social media comes in. For those who cherish their privacy and prefer more "alone" than "social" time, cyberspace can give them their social time without actually having to talk to anybody. It can help many introverts interact from a safe place free of noise, eye contact, or the feeling of being cornered in a conversation. And the best part about social media is that I can talk to other people, but not be face-to-face. I can be social on my terms.

When it comes to my page (be it on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.), my "friends" number is pretty darn low compared to other people. I very intentionally limit my friend list, only friending and accepting the people I consider myself to be close with. I don't particularly care to have my feed cluttered up with updates from acquaintances. It's the total introverted mentality of having a tight-knit circle of friends, rather than a wide group of acquaintances.

This relationship of an introvert with social media is very special and could be different for different kinds of an introvert. Everybody has their preference. Some might love it, some might hate it while some will be juggling in between. It is also not necessary that you have to understand how social media works and have to necessarily be active there. You should go at your speed and find the right combination of real-time and cyberspace conversations. It should be seen as a bridge to help you get the most from a variety of face-to-face conversations.

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Salman Moin
Salman Moin
Sep 10, 2020



Sep 09, 2020

Very relatable

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