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When you have piled up work to complete and, there is it the sudden random wave of anxiousness kicks in, telling yourself not to be anxious, like telling a kid not to eat “candies” at a candy store. Yes exactly, ignoring anxiousness when feeling anxious doesn’t work.

First of all, let me just say this, having anxiety related to your work is absolutely fine! Everybody feels that certain way, so do I.

Anxiety for me is like when I’ve got work to do and suddenly, I start getting anxious and tell myself not to worry, focus on my work, stop creeping around, stop obsessing, and FOCUS. In a way, I start catastrophizing everything when I’m not able to control my anxiety.

The major obstacle in work anxiety is procrastination. Where we are always finding a way to distract ourselves. over here, we need to trust in our abilities to understand what needs to be done. Once we have started we need to get it together and complete that task. it is important to believe that you can figure out anything that comes your way.

If you feel the same way you know how panicky it makes you feel. The conundrum of getting anxious over getting anxious can seem inescapable, especially when the things you’re obsessing about your work. But it doesn’t work that way, neither it should. Instead, you should let it out and talk to someone about it. By doing this not only you will feel a bit better but also helps you to get your work done. Because what you feel is real and being flustered about it will only make it much worse. Although, having anxiety is normal. The problem is that we experience it every day. Having anxiety is normal due to the amount of work and projects one has to meet simultaneously taking care of our private lives. Anxiety necessarily doesn’t have to be negative.

Similarly, we should normalize it as it helps to cope up with our work and helps to stay focused. But, we are so enormously canopied with the negative impact of anxiety that we see only the “negative” part of it. Which does not always have to be the same way. It’s all about accepting your anxiety and taking an optimistic approach towards it, also normalizing it because when you’re loaded with so much work, stress and anxiety will occur and that’s normal. But if it is way more than it should be and you are getting panic about it then you should be concerned.

There are some ways through which you can overcome anxiety at work; letting your employer know about it and asking for rest of the day off won’t get you fired. Instead, you will be granted the rest of the day off. Mental health is vital and nowadays everybody has started accepting it as something very important. Some steps help me deal with my anxiety; take a break from your work and take out time for the things you love doing.

Similarly, during lunch hours at work go grab lunch with your close friends or go for a 10mins walk. Moreover, change your place where you usually work from home, it helps a lot and destresses you. Furthermore, seek help, asking for help also communicates to your superiors that you genuinely care about doing a good job. Set honest deadlines, if you’re an anxious person, saying yes to deadlines you know cannot meet can create a lot of anxiety, not every deadline is negotiable, but it will save you hours of anxiety if you can be honest upfront and work at a manageable pace. And if you finish the job ahead of time, that will make you look even better. In addition to this, encourage one-person conversation; If an issue is making you particularly anxious, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or have an in-person conversation to clarify things. Try meditating, especially at the start of the day. not only it will make you calm but also you will be much attentive. lastly, practice doing positive affirmations I know it’s not that easy to do but making a habit and doing a little bit of it makes an impact on day-to-day life.

Rather than getting edgy about stress and anxiety take it optimistically and change the way you look at it. Most importantly, accepting how you’re feeling at the moment helps a lot. Accept it, talk about it, seek therapy, call up a friend, go out, do that one thing you always wanted to do but couldn’t. These may be small things but have a huge impact on dealing with anxiety. It gets me going and keeps me calm and happy.

Anxiety isn’t something to be ignored, because as much as you would try to get rid of the more it will attract you. But you can tackle it by just accepting and talking about it. instead, find what makes you feel good apart from work. We must learn to accept the uncertainty about how we feel and make it normal. So, instead, of the ‘what ifs’, figure out what is under your control, and put your focus on that.

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