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Your World and My Demon.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I heard sobs, they echoed in my space

I didn't know where it came from but disrupted my peace

Sometimes I felt shocks.... like you feel when your Earth trembles

I was reassured my home was not in a very secure environment

Howsoever instead of all the troubles,

I felt secure

I felt comfort

I felt loved

I felt warmth

I felt accepted

I felt protected

I felt respected

I felt selected

I felt understood

I felt hopeful

I felt joys in all its glory

I felt sorrows, discomfort, and aches, as they too are part of my story

But most of all, I felt unjudged, free and pure

Then I came out into your world,

It was chaos.....

They conceived me with some preconceived guarantees

Among them, there was only one; who's odour I had known

Later some said she's gone and the "baby" has to survive alone

While the rest understood me according to their comfort zone

I lived with some who hardly understood my daily battles

Most of them were in my head, a place they dared to unravel

Hypothetical, imaginary and made-up, they labeled my troubles

Never approached patiently to understand me and my bubble

I met some when I was adult, as they termed

They called themselves "modern" I had no clue if that was just a fashion trend

I found none as sensible as I thought,

They found pleasure in mocking my flaws

Called me "crazy", "psycho" "insane",

I don't know if they lacked sanity or I never gained?

I never swore but called them "mates"

After all, they were future abusers, skilled so great

Your world has creatures, similar to my "mates"

And I wondered why I heard sobs and shocks back then

However, don’t stereotype, please…. I look as normal as everyone else

Only inhabiting a demon which forces me to overthink everything, unlike the rest

He's been in me since years now, extremely dull and with no power

But your world showered ME with ignorance, callousness, and hatred - the only ingredients he needed to empower!

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