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Perspective of Life

Every day we struggle with our day to day activities and stress about how are we going to

achieve our goals. On most occasions, we stress about the little things as we are not able to

comprehend it at the moment and it results in us feeling burdened and exhausted. It is moments like these that make us want to break out of this spell and try to find moments of solace and clarity instead.

When I look at my own life; my circumstances are not all that rosy, but that’s life. It isn’t perfect

and it doesn’t have to be but we as individuals need to learn to embrace the fact that we don’t

need to stress to make our lives look perfect. It’s important to embrace the vulnerability of life.

For instance, I come from a broken family; My parents are divorced and all I have ever seen is

them fighting. But still, that did not break me. I always had an interest in science from a very young age and I aspired to be a doctor.

I’ve never enjoyed learning math and due to that fact, I skipped that course in high school. But

since my medical journey wasn’t successful, I decided to pursue becoming a commercial pilot as my choice of career. Little did I know, that math was a big requirement for that field.

Yes, sometimes the path you have chosen doesn’t turn out to be as perfect as you may have

hoped for. But that’s not the end of your life. This doesn’t stop you from what you want to do.

Yes, it takes a lot of courage to walk out of something and plan a completely new career or life or find new love but that’s just life. Life doesn’t turn out the way we want it but either way, we have to accept, understand, and let go by making a different approach.

When I shifted to a new city it was very difficult for me to adjust as I had no friends and neither

did I know the place properly. People say exploring cities is fun but in reality, it’s very difficult

to adjust no matter how social you are in nature. Only experience can teach you to adjust to new realities.

When I finally shifted, I assumed that it’s just a matter of time until I get into my flight school so

at first, I really didn’t care about exploring the city. I was desperately waiting to start my new life and start with my flight training. But sadly, it delayed and all I could get were the negative

outcomes in the current scenario, which had a big impact on my behavior, and somewhere deep inside I was afraid of being left alone with no progress. And I believe that in everyone’s life there comes a time where you feel insecure about your situation especially when you can’t see yourself making any progress in your life and have been stuck at that specific point for way too long.

These negative situations start creating a void inside of you and you don’t even want to try

coming out of it. You start withdrawing from the things you really loved doing and nothing

brings you joy. You just start sitting idle with all the negative thoughts about yourself and your

situation. Soon you start judging yourself and you feel absolutely alone and unwanted.

I didn’t even want to accept that I was going through depression, it was very hard to accept how I was feeling so that’s when I shared my loneliness with my mother and sister even though they lived far away. They really understood me and gave me hope again to look at things in a positive manner. That’s when I realized that the perspective of life is about accepting the way it is and creating the “new you” out of it.

Unfortunately, things like- how to embrace your life or how to feel stupidly happy about your

ups and downs, are not taught. Luckily my mom always taught me to laugh even at my lowest

point. Everybody’s life is a roller coaster in some way or the other and everyone’s fighting their own battles we know nothing about and that’s perfectly fine. Why can’t we normalize the

ugliness of our circumstances? Why do we tend to hide it? Well, it’s not always our fault

because we have been taught to show the best in ourselves which is good but completely

ignoring or hiding our struggles is not healthy. We are all going through some difficult times

and I’m proud of my own struggles.

To cope up with these hard times, I follow some rules such as- Always have a positive attitude

towards life “whatever will come in my way I’ll handle it easily” or “I am loved and I attract

what I believe and what I put my focus into” which is nothing but Law of Attraction. Finally,

acceptance is very important.

Nourishing yourself by accepting the harshness in life molds you into a beautiful, stronger

version of yourself. Accepting the things which are out of control, accepting, and being truthful to yourself and your emotions is the key to happiness and life. It is the key to new beginnings in your beautiful bold lives.

In the end, your happiness and peace of mind matter the most. Put all the worry aside, take a

deep breath, and say you are amazing and appreciated. Appreciate your hard work, your body, your heart and keep moving forward in life.

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